Bing-Ads2On Tuesday, Jun 7, Bing Ads announced that they are developing the ability to share a budget across multiple campaigns.

Advertisers will be able to, just like in AdWords, apply a single budget to some or all campaigns in an account.  With Share Budgets, users will find it helpful for optimizing spend by automatically redistributing unused daily budget from low-spending campaigns to another that has the ability to gain more clicks with more budget.  Shared Budgets are great for advertisers who have fixed budgets, as it can help keep one campaign from leaving money just sitting there unspent while another is drained of money before the end of the day.

From the blog post:

Say you have a budget of $20 to be used uniformly between two campaigns every day. On a given day, Campaign A spends only $8 (of its $10 budget) because it got fewer impressions and clicks than usual. Using Shared Budget, if Campaign B is performing well Bing Ads will automatically allocate that unutilized $2 to Campaign B. This will increase the chances of that unutilized budget being used to send you more traffic.

Shared Budgets will be found in the Shared Library, but it for the time being, it is being developed for the web UI, API, Editor and mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

You can participate in the pilot test for Shared Budgets by contacting either your account rep or use the email [email protected]

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