Bing Ads has added suggestions for remarketing bid adjustments to the Opportunities Tab in the web interface.

These suggestions are based on historical ad performance.  If it ends up that a remarketing list is driving lower CPA (cost per acquisition) than the average campaign, Bing Ads will suggest a higher bid adjustment and show an estimated conversion increase.  If the CPA is higher than average, Bing Ads will suggest a negative bid adjustment and show an estimated cost savings.

In order to use remarketing lists in Bing Ads, users will need to utilize Bing Ads’ UET tag on their websites and then set up conversion goals associatd with your audiences in Bing Ads.  The UET tag powers conversion tracking and retargeting in Bing Ads.

Once enough historical data has been accrued, bid adjustments will begin showing up for retargeting lists.

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