bing adsCurrently, Bing Ads is testing changes to device bidding since Google decided to revert back to distinct device bidding for desktop, mobile and tablet, which was introduced back in 2013 with Enhanced Campaigns.

Bing Ads always offered more control with a tablet bid adjustment, even during the time that Enhanced Campaigns period, that could range from -20 percent to +300 percent from desktop.  But now, tablets are to be completely separated from desktop.

With desktop, bids are able to be set as low as 0 percent.  This means that, if you import from AdWords, negative PC bid adjustments set in campaigns will be set to 0 in Bing Ads.

This is the what the updates to bid adjustment ranges look like:


These changes are being tested in pilot now.  If you’re interested in participating in the pilot, email your request and your Bing Ads account numbber to [email protected], or contact your account manager.

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