Bing Ads Refines Local Targeting Features

Bing logo new Bing Ads released new interface updates and features for location targeting today.

The radius targeting is more granular than before, and is now available in kilometers as well as miles.  When setting up radius targeting, you can set it up in 1 mile or 1 kilometer increments, and up to 500 miles or 800 kilometers.  Before, you were only able to to reach the radius ceiling of 5 to 10 miles and then went up in 10 mile increments.

Also, now you can use location targeting (such as a city) and radius targeting in the same ad group or campaign instead of having to choose just one or the other.

If you want to select or opt-out of geographic locations, the visual map will now display both included and excluded areas.  From the map control window, you can now even control geo-targeting as well.

The updates included in the post are available in the latest version of Bing Ads Editor and the V9 API.

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