Bing Ads Remarketing Now Available For Search And Shopping Campaigns

Bing Ads has announced the launch of remarketing for search and shopping campaigns, just in time for the holidays.

Retargeting capabilities were promised last year with the launch of Universal Event Tracking (UET).  Bing Ads retooled UED earlier this month, with the target of making it more intuitive to implement and include more functionality.

Now that Bing Ads has remarketing capabilities, you can serve ads on both Bing and Yahoo search results to users who visited your website, as long as the impression is served through Bing Ads.  Think of it like RLSA in AdWords.  But in this case, remarkteing extends to products in ads in Shopping campaigns as well.

Advertisers can now target different audience segments based on the actions taken on their sites, as well as set bid adjustments on these audiences, or set up audiences in ad groups to show ads when a users is on a remarketing list and is searching for the keyword or product you’re bidding on in order to show ads tailored to those past visitors to your site.

In order to get started, you’ll have to set  up UET tags on your site as the first step.  After that, you can created remarketing lists in the audience section of the Shared Library in your Bing Ads account.

Bing ads retargeting setup

After successfully setting up a campaign for retargeting, you can then assign audiences at the ad group level and set your other targeting in that ad group.

Go to the Ad Groups tab on the Campaigns tab in the UI, and you’ll find that you can create list associations in bulk.  Do do this, just click on Edit > Associate with Remarketing lists.  If you want to manage your associations, just go to the Audience tab on the Campaigns page.  Not only can you do that from this page, but you can also check out your impressions, clicks, spend and more.  You’ll also find that there is a new Audience Performance report available in the Reports tab, available to check out in either in the UI, or throught he API for both granular and aggregate reporting on remarketing campaigns.

In order for a list to be used for remarketing, it has to have at least 1,000 users.  This is for privacy reasons.

You’ll find that Bing Ads remarketing is available in all markets.  Check out the following video from Bing Ads.

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