Bing-Ads2Bing Ads has rolled out an update to the campaign creation workflow.  Now, it’s designed to make it easier for advertisers to get campaigns set up and activated.  During this process, there are more options that are now available so users won’t have to go back and remember to update settings and options once the campaign is created.  Some else that’s built in along the way is performance estimates, which is meant to help inform your settings from the outset.

The new setup begins with the option of selecting a campaign goal, or importing campaigns from Google, importing from a file or researching keywords.


By selecting a campaign goal, the options that appear will be tailored accordingly in the remaining steps of the setup.    Going from the revised Campaign Settings screen, Bing Ads added the option to copy settings from an existing campaign, and has even consolidated location targeting options to include radius targeting management, along with other location targeting.

During this stage of setup of the updated ad groups and selecting keywords, Bing Ads will automatically group keywords together into proposed ad groups based on the URL of a website and/or keyword suggestion.  The tool will show users monthly search volume, average CPC and scale of competition for each keyword in this view.  Users will be able to add, edit and remove keyword suggestions for multiple ad groups.  At this point, Keyword suggestions and estimates aren’t yet available in all countries or languages.


The what follows are the ads and extension steps.  This is when Bing Ads will make your library of extensions accessible and highlights ad extensions that appear to align with the marketing goal selected for the campaign.  There are some options that will let users set up all available extensions in this view.  Users can even set up multiple ads at this stage, rather than having to go back and add more after the campaign is set up.

Finally, the last step is to set a campaign budget at ad group bids.  Bing Ads shows performance estimates for the ad groups based on the bids an campaign settings.


This new workflow is now live, and Bing Ads welcomes comments on its feedback forum or via Twitter.

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