It’s already known that Bing Ads have announced the switch to include variants on Exact Match and Broad Match Modifier keywords.  What else could get this new treatment?  It looks like it would be Now Phrase Match keywords are getting the close variants treatment.

What are close variants, you say?

Well, these variant ads trigger on search queries that closely resemble the keyword, such as plurals, misspellings, abbreviations and the like, all while adhering to the original search intent.  Bing Ads said in their announcement that it by adding close variants to phrase match, click volume would improve by up to 5 percent overall.

If you’re curious by what these new variants would look like, you can check out the chart below, which shows the changes that will show the affect s the types of queries phrase match keywords will now trigger.


Keep in mind that these changes are only live currently in the U.S.  For the time being, advertisers who aren’t wanting to utilize these new variants can choose to opt out in Bing Ads.  The move to enable close variants on Bing Ads followed Google AdWords’ decision to disable the ability to opt-out of close variants matching.

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