Bing Ads began rolling out a new System Quality Policy this week as part of the Relevance and Quality Policy.

Here are three of the key aspects to the new policy:

  1. Keywords and ads that haven’t shown any performance over a significant period of time may be removed.
  2. The number of keywords that can be uploaded or kept in an account may be limited. (Advertisers subject to this update will be notified.)
  3. Keywords in the following sensitive categories — weapons, pharmaceuticals, gambling, adult and trademark — may be limited.

Bing Ads feels that the impact of this to be minimal.  “Limits placed on the amount of keywords uploaded at one time are meant to increase efficiencies with review and processing, potential impact caused by this is anticipated to be low,” wrote Bing Ads advertiser policy manager Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo in the announcement. “We do not expect to see significant impacts for additional restrictions that may be put in place within sensitive categories.”