There are some updates that Bing Ads are rolling our with to its UI that makes it easier to analyze and optimize campaigns.

It is now easier to adjust location target settings, including bid adjustments, in bulk across multiple campaigns.

If you look in the Settings tab, there is a new “Location” option that will show the targets set in multiple campaigns in one place.  Previously, users had to run a geographic report from the Reports section to see location target performance and then make changes at the individual campaign level.

Source – Search Engine Land

Click the “Set bid adjustment” button on the Settings page in order to make changes in bulk.

There are some updates made to the Dimension tab.  There are more metrics available to Bing Ads users in dimensions reports, such as age, gender, geographic, time quarter, ad spend and revenue.

Users will now be able to add filters and adjust the columns shown in reports.  They can be found in the Dimensions tab.

Source – Search Engine Land

Advertisers can even segment Dimensions tab reporting to show Shopping dimensions, including category, product type, brand, item ID and store ID.

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