Bing Ads Rolling Out Updates To Quality Score Reporting

Bing ads logo The changes, they are coming!  Big Ads will be rolling out some changes to its quality score reporting over the course of the next few days.  The only thing that will be affected is how quality score is getting reported.  Don’t worry, ad and keyword performance fundamentals aren’t going to be impacted.

What are the things you’re going to see in your accounts when the updates are complete?

  1. Earlier quality scores.  Bing Ads shows a quality score “based on marketplace data” instead of showing a blank “-” in the quality score column when an ad launches and there isn’t enough data on it yet.  The first to get this update will be the US, and then the update will be launched globally later on.
  2. Reporting based on exact matching.  Your quality scores are going to be reported based on “search queries and other inputs that match your keywords exactly”.  This new way of reporting quality scores will be reflective of the key factors that determine ad visibility in that auction.
  3. Updated terminology.  Quality score factors are going to reflect those found in Google AdWords, so that it’ll be easier to compare and reduce friction for users of both platforms.  The following list of sub-components will be reported as Above Average, Average or Below Average.
    1. Keyword relevance is now Expected click-through rate
    2. Landing page relevance is now Ad relevance
    3. Landing page user experience is now Landing page experience

It’s recommended that you monitor keywords with quality scores that are lower than 6.  Any keywords that are below this score should be adjusted to improve performance.  Also, it’s good to know that in regards to historic quality scores,  they will not be overwritten by this update.

Finally, you won’t have to worry about these changes having any effect on the way your ads perform.  The update is mean to make quality score easier to use as a guide so you’ll know where to make improvements.

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