bing_ads_logoBeginning last September, Bing Ads has decided to make Enhanced Sitelinks available to almost every supported market and language globally.  The only places they have yet to make Enhanced Sitelinks available is Hong Kong and Taiwan, but they are planning on launching it for these locations soon.

But what is Enhanced Sitelinks?

Enhanced Sitelinks is a feature that will allow advertisers to add description copy below each Sitelink Extension which are displayed only when an ad is in position one and on top performing ads on brand terms.

What are the other factors?

Other factors that are included is:

  • User location
  • Space available on the page
  • Ad relevancy among others

Sitelinks mustn’t exceed 25 characters in order to show description text.  In comparison, a standard Sitelink can show up to 35 characters.  In this case, there will undoubtedly be advertisers who are going to have to edit some of their existing Sitelinks before adding description text to them.

New Sitelink Device Prefernce

Despite this new feature, there is a catch.  Enhanced Sitelinks display on desktop and tablet devices only.  Because of this, Bing Ads has announced the launch of a device preference option for Sitelinks, which will allow advertisers to specify which Sitelink will have preference on mobile traffic.

As of yet, a number of brands and retailers and utilizing Enhanced yet.  It’s been reported by Bing Ads that an average CTR increase of 27% when Enhanced Sitelinks were shown.

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