bing_ads_logoIt’s a sad day for those Bing PPC advertisers who who were putting phone numbers in their ads, for this feature is soon coming to an end.  Google stopped allowing advertisers to place phone numbers into AdWords ad copy.  Bing Ads is now announcing a similar change.

No longer will those using Bing Ads be able to place a phone number in the headline, body copy, URL or extensions like Sitelinks.  IF Bing Ads users want to continue using phone numbers, they’ll have to use location or call extensions for them.  The beginning of this change will affect advertisers in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  At this point, according to Bing Ads, it’s safe to assume that the change will also roll out to other markets in the near future.

It’s important to note that the change will go into effect on new campaigns beginning in February 2015.  If you’re running any legacy ads with phone numbers included in them, they’ll be allow to run until June of this year.  Another important piece of information that you may want to take notice of is that making any sort of editing to those legacy ads, even something as small as a fixing a typo or changing a URL, that ad will probably be disapproved.  In other words, if you’re wanting your ads to run as long as possible, keep your hands off them.

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