Bing Ads Scripts are released in beta.

The long awaited beta release of Bing Ads Scripts has finally come to see the light.  Bing announced on Wednesday that Bing Ads Scripts are rolling out to all accounts.

Scripts allow you to automate account management tasks in bulk, automatically and on a scheduled basis.  Scripts can be incredibly beneficial if you’re managing a large or multiple campaigns.  Think of scripts as next-level automated rules.

You’ll be able to do things like apply negative keyword lists to campaigns or accounts automatically.  Bids can be adjusted on inputs such as recent performance or weather.  Other examples include enabling or pause entities when sales end, inventory is out of stock or landing pages 404.

You’ll find the Bing Ads Scripts interface under Bulk Operations in the left navigation from the Campaign level in the web interface.  In order to apply a script to multiple accounts, go to Bulk Operations from the Account Summary level in the UI.

Once you’re in the script editor, you can write a new script (advisable only if you have JavaScript scripting experience) or paste an existing script from another source.  The editor gives you example scripts.

If you’re used to Google Ad Scripts, then getting into Bing Ad Scripts shouldn’t be much of a problem, as the interface and functionality are similar.  It’s possible to reuse existing Google Ads Scripts for Bing Ad Scripts.  Just copy and paste them into the Bing Ads interface.

“When you run or preview scripts, Bing Ads will automatically find and replace names of objects that need to be changed and align them to our platform,” said Bing Ads program manager, Prince Bajracharya, in the announcement.

When functions aren’t supported, you’ll see a red squiggly line under them in the preview window.  If you see the image below, you’ll see that labels aren’t yet supported in Bing Ads Scripts, so you’ll see the red line under “labels.”

Also, third party spreadsheet services aren’t supported yet.  You can schedule scripts to run at a specific time by creating a schedule after saving them in the editor.

You can check out Bing Ads’ code examples here.

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