bing_ads_logoCan you believe it’s getting close to the holiday season once again?  But before we can really kick off the holiday season right, we have to get warmed up a little Halloween fun.  It’s only eight weeks away, and people are beginning to look for their costumes to wear on the spookiest day of the year.  Bing Ads has released some new data on search performance around the holiday showing how searches and ad impressions increase steadily through the months of September and October.

With things related to Halloween, like candy, decorations and parties, desktop ad click-through rates have increased on a steady rate through September and October.  The only thing that seems to be different when it comes to Halloween related searches are decorations, which saw CTRs reach their peak the first week of October, and then decline afterwords.

When it comes to costume-related ads, CTRs usually peak during the second week of October, and then decline from then on through Halloween.  With the chart below, you’ll see the stats for PCs and tablets.



During the two months that lead up to Halloween, CPCs were fairly steady.  Here’s where the decorations come back into play, as they saw CPCs increase sharply during the two weeks leading up to Halloween.  Another thing that saw a huge drop after September was party-related ads.


The most popular search terms and recommended ad copy combinations by device and category was share by Bing Ads, as well.  You can find the full presentation on SlideShare here.

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