bing adsIt seems that Bing is embracing Expanded Text Ads, the longer text ad format that Google is currently testing and plans to roll out in the coming months.

Bing Ads program managers announced on Tuesday on its quarterly API call that they will be supporting ETAs.  This means that advertisers that are advertising on both Google and Bing aren’t going to have to straddle the new and old world of text ads for long.  Rather than dealing with a 25 to 71 character format on Bing, ads will be expanded to 60 to 80 characters with two 30 character headlines and 80 characters for ad text.  The Path (display URL) has options to include two descriptive words in a sub-directory-like format after the domain.This is what the ad creation interface will look like with ETAs in Bing Ads.


According to Bing Ads, they are working with tool providers and API partners to make sure they will be ready to fully support ETAs by the end of the summer.  The web UI and Editor for Bing Ads will have ETA support later this summer, and the Import From AdWords functionality will also support ETA imports.  If you’re an advertiser with Bing Ads account management access, and you’d like early pilot access, contact your rep for more information.

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