bing_ads_logoBing Ads released its Campaign Planner tool back in September, which includes vertical and product trend data, keyword research and competitive insights.  Now, this week, Bing Ads released the first update to the tool.  If you’re still unfamiliar tot he tool, you can check it out by finding it under the Tools menu in Bing Ads.

If you still haven’t checked it out by the time you are reading this, you can check out an overview of the core abilities of the tool, which you can find on Search Engine Land.  The overview was written by , and talks about the industry vertical and product trends.  Also included in Ginny’s post, you’ll find she talks about what’s in the Keyword tab and the Competition tab, as well as some details of the Seasonal Insights.

So why not take the hop, skip and a jump over to Ginny’s SEL post and check it out!

Search Engine Land: Bing Ads Updates Campaign Planner Tool For Search Trends, Keyword And Competitive Research