Two new features Microsoft unveiled two new features within Bing when Fabrice Canel, the principal program manager, made an appearance at SMX Advanced  on the morning of June 12.  The first thing he announced was the support within Bing Webmaster Tools, which lets users debug and view their JSON-LD markup. Second, he announced support for a Bing AMP viewer.

Bing AMP viewer will make its debut this summer and will make AMP-enable web pages work directly from Bing’s mobile search results.  These web pages will work similarly to how Google shows their own AMP pages within its mobile search results.

Bing began supporting JSON-LD markup in March, but now, Bing Webmaster Tools will also support debugging such JSON-LD in the tool.

Canel said that, although Bing is supporting JSON-LD markup, they are simply preferring the format over other methods. Bing will support other forms of markup.

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