Bing App’s Camera Intelligent Search Can Solve Complex Math Problems In A Snap

An update of the Bing iOS search app has been released which includes a way to snap a picture of a math problem and get the answer within seconds.  A “Find in Page” button has also been added by Bing to help find words within a page and the customary bug fixes with all app updates.

A really neat feature of the update is the “Math mode” that uses Bing’s “Camera Intelligent search,” which allows users to solve complex math problems by taking a photo of the math problem. When I tried it out, I had a few issues with it as it told me that equations had errors in them, and I wondered if it was the equation that was incorrect or there was an issue with the app not being able to figure it out.  But I did find some equations that it could work through.

Here is a video of Barry Schwartz testing it out:

To check out the feature, go to the Bing app, move over to camera mode and click on the math button on the button.  Apparently you don’t *have* to move it over – you can technically leave it in “auto” mode and see if it figures out if you want a math answer or not.

Here is what it looks like when the app can’t figure out what to do with the equation you give it:

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