Bing-logo-orange-RGBIn the game of search, companies like Google and Bing are constantly in battle with bad actors, including scammers and hackers.  For Bing, the company says it has rejected 250 million ads, as well as blocked 50,000 sites and banned 150,000 advertisers in 2015.

It seems that most of the people who are taking a brunt of these actions are your typical fair.  Tech support scams, perennial problem, are a constant problem for Bing’s system.  More than 15 million ads and 25,000 sites promoting shady third-party tech support services have been blocked, according to Bing.

Despite the fairly lax trademark usage policies that Bing has, they still dismissed over 50 million ads last year for trademark infringement.  Some of the things that topped the listed included phishing attacks and ads for pharma and counterfeit goods.  There’s over three million misleading pages as well as 30 million ads that were blocked for misleading content and spam.


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