bingIt seems there is always going to be a war between two of the biggest search engines available today, Google and  Bing.

Not too long ago, Bing gave us seven ways they are better than Google at image search.  Well, it seems Bing is throwing another punch into the face of Google (via the Bing Blog) by giving more examples why they are better than Google at image search.  Now, granted, we have to remember that the examples Bing has given are all specific sets of queries that show better results for Bing over Google. So, what are these examples you ask?  Here are some of the new examples given by Bing:

  • Bing feels that they have a better understanding of image quality.  If you were to compare a search for Yunnan, Google shows maps, where Bing shows images of Yunnan, the resort.
  • They feel they have a better understanding of objects.
  • Bing says they are better at understanding colors.
  • Bing claims have a better filtering of images by characteristics, like size, color, layout, etc.
  • According to Bing, they are better able to show pictures of body parts, like faces, shoulders and bodies or any combination of such.
  • Bing feel as if they are better at filtering by image style, such as clip art, line drawings or maps.
  • The claim from BIng is that they are better being able to crop image results on mobile devices.  In this case, they make an effort not to cut off important parts of the photo.
  • Their claim states that the thumbnails that are shown are of higher quality in search results without using very much bandwidth from the source site.
  • The last claim Bing is making is in relation to making images more a focal point of their new search experience. So they said they are “just starting on this journey so please stay tuned for more to come.”

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