Bing Boasts Continuous Updates To Their Search Engine Daily

Bing logo orange rgb It was written on the morning of January 21 by Dr. Jan Pedersen, who is Chief Scientist of Bing and Information Platform R&D, on the Bing blog that Bing is continuously updating their search engine “multiple times a day.”

It seems that many think that despite the fact that Microsoft is a big company that is slow to make changes, the blog post seems to indicate that is certainly not the case when it comes to their search engine.

“Four yeas ago, Bing engineers deployed new features once  month,” they said.  But these days, Bing is putting out “features to production multiple times per day.”  Bing is trying to take a different approach through what is known as agile development.

These days, Bing has 600 engineers under its belt, which is six times the amount four years ago.  Also, Bing runs 20,000 tests, which is ten times what they used to, per submission attempt.  They are even keeping feature submission times below 30 minutes.

It seems that Bing is trying to step up their game to compete with their only real competitor, Google.  They’re doing what they can to improve, test, update and invest in their search technology in order to get a foot on Google.

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