Despite Google once again showing ads in their search results for queries that were related to Super Bowl ads, Bing seemed to not display any paid results for those types of queries.

According to Christi Olson, she told the audience at SMX the other week that Bing’s aim isn’t to look exactly like Google.  She said that Bing’s primary goal is not to drive revenue and not monetize search results.

The engines took the same approach last year, when Google had ads but Bing did not for these types of queries.

Below are screenshots from Ginny Marvin of Search Engine Land that she posted on Twitter, where they show Google’s search results with ads for queries related to Super Bowl ads.

This is the results users get when entering Super Bowl ads into Bing search:

For advertisers, their ads can get some extra life in the Google search results, but they aren’t as lucky on Bing.  Advertisers had to look at Google to get their ads out there again this year.  We’ll have to see if Bing changes their tune next year.

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