There has been some new updated to Bing search that is aimed at helping their health-conscious users.

When doing a search for “workouts” or “exercises” on Bing, users will receive carousel-style search results with images that link to a wide variety of exercise options.

Users will find filters within the carousel that makes it possible to narrow the search by gender, difficulty, target-area, type of exercise, or type of workout equipment.

There are even some carousel results for yoga and Pilates-specific searches.  There are even how-to videos at the top of search results for a limited number of yoga poses.

There are some updates on the Bing App as well, and these updates focus on healthy recipe-related searches.  Queries for search terms like “low-fat recipes” and “low-fat stew recipes” will give users a carousel of results where they are able to drill down via a “Nutrients” tab to check out calorie counts, carbs, fat content and more for food items.

Users will be able to find calorie counts by searching “calories in a cup of” and then adding a food item to the search term.  As an example, I did a search for

[calories in a cup of noodles], and this is what I got in return:

Users can do searches for something like for “foods rich in iron” and “foods rich in calcium,” and in return, they’ll be given a selection of food options in the same carousel-styled results.

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