Bing-logo-orange-RGBAll of the biggest search engine marketing tools and features seem to have really picking up this year.  Less than a week to go before Black Friday, Bing is rolling out a new image search feature, which will display product prices, retailer info, reviews and ratings.

“Bing is bringing you some relief by adding more data to product images, including prices for the same item sold at different stores, reviews and ratings and store availability,” reads the Bing search blog.

With this new image search feature, users will have the option to click click on the shopping cart icon within a Bing image to find the “Places to Buy Beta.”  The feature is rolling out on both desktop and mobile over the coming days.

there is also a new “image stream” feature that is being launched, which allows users to get product recommendations based on images that they have favorited.

Bing made it possible, earlier this year, to let users save an image by click the heart icon to favorite it.  With this option, users are able to use the new image stream feature to locate similar products based on those favorited images, allowing them to compare product info.


Along with the announcement, Bing included the following video, which shows how users can use the new image stream to find and compare products via an image search.





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