Bing In Testing For Favicons In Search Results Snippets

Currently, testing is being done boy Bing for displaying favicons in the search results, which will appear next to the title of the display search.

A screenshot was taken and sent to SearchEngineLand.com, via a reader of the site, Joshua Hedllund, of the test.  Bing has confirmed that this is one of their many tests to the search results user interface instead of being a browser extension modifying the search results.

Bing favicons search results

According to a Microsoft spokesperson:

We’re constantly updating and refining the Bing search experience, and before any changes are implemented they undergo intensive testing and experimentation to ensure the best possible user experience. We have nothing further to share at this time.”

Bing has been spotted testing favicons in search ads, while Google has been also spotted testing favicons in the search results back in 2009. Recently, Google began showing favicons in AdSense ads.