Bing-logo-orange-RGBSometimes there are some really fun and cool things you can do or experience on search engines, such as discovering Easter eggs on Google (such as typing in “do a barrel roll” as a search query).  If you travel over to Bing and do an image search, there’s a chance you’ll see a little overlay on top of the image.  If you click on the image thumbnail that says “#HowOldRobot, see age guesses,” the image will be processed by Bing’s age tools, and it’ll tell you how old it thinks the person in the image is.

Here is what an image would look like before clicking on the #HowOldRobot:


Here is what it would look like after:


This is designed by Bing, hosted at  This feature is being experimented with by Bing on Bing Image Search.

When trying this feature myself, I found I could not replicate it after using Bing in both Chrome or in Internet Explorer, although  stated taht he was able to get it to work on a Windows machine while using Internet Explorer.

The feature was spotted by Venture Beat by way of a tweet from @Fusionfan45.

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