Bing iOS App Gets Barcode Scanner For In-Store Price Comparison, Uber Integration & GIF Support

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Bing-logo-orange-rgbVersion 6.1 of the Bing iOS app has just been released, and is now available as an update within the App Store.  With this new version comes the inclusion of a barcode scanning feature for price-comparison shopping, Uber integration, animated GIF support, and other changes and optimizations.

If you’re a shopper and you want to make sure you’re getting the best price, Bing will let you scan the barcode.  Once the item information from the barcode has been obtained, Bing will compare the prices of that product at a variety of stores, like Amazon, Walmart, Target and others to see if you could get it for sale.

Here’s what the scanner looks like:


If you find a matching product, like this 1 quart of Darigold homogenized milk, you’ll get a list of all the places you can find it, and what the price is.


Just like other mapping apps, such as Google Maps, Bing now has real-time data from Uber.  If you tap “Get a ride” or the Uber app icon from within the app, you’ll get all the available Ubers in the area.

Finally, Bing added support for animated GIFs.  If you search for images, a GIF icon with a play button will appear on any image that is an animated GIF.



Other changes include:

  • Left/right swipe navigation
  • Improved overall performance and responsiveness, reduced crashes
  • Improved Video and Image search input experience

Source – Barry Schwartz

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