A new content submission pilot has been launched by Bing that allows publishers to not only submit URLs to the search engine, but even submit its full content and images. By submitting the full content to the search engine, Bing can see your content without having to crawl the content first.

This is a limited pilot, meaning Bing is testing this with a limited amount of websites. Site owners can’t apply for the pilot, and as such, it seems that Bing is reaching out to specific publishers.

But, you might ask, didn’t Bing allow publishers submit content over a year ago? Back then, Bing only let you submit URLs to be indexed. Bing ultimately still had to craw the pages in order to be fully indexed to fully understand the page.

As stated above, the change between now and then is the ability to submit all of the content, images and HTML directly to Bing, not just the new URL.

SourceBarry Schwartz