Bing Launches On Firefox OS

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BingIn Microsoft news, Bing was launched an app for the Firefox Marketplace.  The Next Web pointed out that Google has been beaten by Bing, as there is yet to be an official Google app there yet.

Firefox OS is a mobile operating system that has been built with HTML5.  This is an effort to not only to help invigorate the mobile web, but make sure that Firefox doesn’t fall into mobile irrelevance.

A new Chinese-made phone, the ZTE Open, is the first phone to use the Firefox OS.  Using a low-end strategy, the phone is selling for between $70 and $99 on eBay.  This could potentially be a good strategy for countries that are having a hard time financially.  It could also be a great alternative (in terms of pricing)  to Android devices.

In terms of the Bing app launch, even though they got out through the gates first, they won’t have much impact on the market share.  Google still owns an overwhelming amount of mobile web-based search traffic globally, according to StatCounter.

Original Source written by Greg Sterling

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