Bing-logo-orange-RGBHere’s an alluring little tidbit if your an Android developer – Bing has announced a new Knowledge and Actions Graph API for Android developers.  The reason behind Bing’s brand new Knowledge Graph is to bring in Android developers to deeply integrate Bing Knowledge Graph information.  The pull is  the “21 billion associated facts, 18 billion links to key actions and over 5 billion relationships between entities.”  This could really help with giving their Android app users an enhanced experience, which will improve app engagement and retention.

Here’s Bing’s pitch to developers:

Developers can innovate using this enormous asset to fulfill their users’ information needs and help users perform searches in context, instead of forcing users to leave their apps to perform searches. For instance, a messaging app could add a Bing snapshot with actionable info on a restaurant, making it easier for a group to plan an evening. A social media app could augment users’ photos with information about the locations of each photo. A news app could show definitions and descriptions of terms that users want to drill into. A music app could augment content with snapshots of artists and songs. Where Bing has rights to share the data, we want to empower the developer community to create rich, innovative experiences that delight.

The API isn’t going to be available until the fall.  Until then Bing has been soliciting developer participation.  Bing has been creating some hype by showcasing some of the enhnaced in-app capabilities with a consumer experience they’re calling “Bing Snapshots.”


Bing Snapshots has been compared to “Google Now On Tap,” as it allows for the presentation of search content and other actions without leaving an app.  All you need to do is to either update or install the Bing app.  Once you’ve got that done, all you have to do is “long-press” the Android home button while in a third party app.  This generates a Bing overlay that gives you enhanced information and relevant actions.  At this point, Bing presents additional content and information.

According to Bing, importing the Knowledge Graph into apps is part of the broader evolution of search.  This feature will allow users take their search experience to the next level, all while directly in the app.

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