Bing-logo-orange-RGBDo you travel?  Are you always going to different places that require you to use online services to help you get to where you need to go?  It seems in this day and age, that’s what most people are doing.  They’re using online transit information to find the best and fastest route to where they have to go.  If you’re a Bing user, traveling may have just gotten easier.

Bing has announced support for transit information and directions in no less than 30 different countries from over 3,000 different transit agencies in Bing Maps.

Bing shares by area what their footprint coverage is including:

  • North America: 375 cities in the US and 59 in Canada
  • Europe: Coverage in Estonia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and many more countries
  • Japan, China, Israel and many more

There is a full list of transit agencies by location, and you can find them here.



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