Bing: It’s A Myth That Keyword Rich Domain Names Improve Search Rankings

Bing logo new In a Bing Webmaster Blog post written just last night, Microsoft Bing’s Senior Product Manager, Duane Forrester stated that it is only a myth that a keyword right domain name will make enough of an impact on your rankings to give up a major boost above competitors.

It is true that ten years or so ago that was the case, but not now.

These days, the domain and keywords in that “domain send less and less” ranking signals to the overall Bing ranking algorithm.  It’s almost sounds like Mr. Forrester is just now making the connection that keyword rich domains aren’t working like they used to.

Duane feels that other signals can rank sites more on merit and good content rather than domain name words.  He even said “It’s better simply because those sites trying to abuse their way to the top with a keyword rich domain and irrelevant or poor content cease to rank well.”

Duane says it’s important to do what is best for your users.  It seems all of us are two or three steps ahead of you Mr. Forrester.  We’ve known this for a while now.

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