Bing has announced that they are finally, and officially, supporting the “Fact heck” label in check.  This is powered by the ClaimReview schema markup, and now shows up in Bing search results.

A few months ago, it was reported that Bing was adding this to their webmaster documentation, but the label didn’t begin showing up in the search results until September 14.  By doing searches, you may see a line that reads “Fact checked by Snopes” by a False or True statement.

According to Bing, when adding this schema to your page, you want to consider these points:

  • The analysis must be transparent about sources and methods, with citations and references to primary sources included.
  • Claims and claim checks must be easily identified within the body of fact-checked content. Readers should be able to determine and understand what was checked and what conclusions were reached.
  • The page hosting the ClaimReview markup must have at least a brief summary of the fact check and the evaluation, if not the full text.

Google added this feature about a year ago.

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