Even more is being added to the Bing home page, an now offers the backstory for the image of the day, as well as a gallery of past featured pictures.

This addition rolled out on May 2nd, giving users the ability to scroll down on the home page and see a brief summary of the featured image of the day and a map of where the image was taken.  Users have the ability to like the picture, download it ad use it as their wallpaper, or share it on Facebook, Skype or Twitter.

There’s even a “Recent Homepage Images” section that links to a gallery of Bing’s past home page pictures.  The gallery will let users find past images using a number of filters, such as category, colors, tags and holidays.

The image of the day information is currently only available on Bing’s US home page, but it’ll be launched later this month in the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, France, Brazil and Japan.

Bing says this is “just the beginning of a wave of updates” it plans to release this year.

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