Nine months ago, Google started supporting the ClaimReview markup, designed for fact-checking review of claims made or reported on on webpages.  Bing has decided to follow suit and has now added support in their markup documentation.

The new section for Bing’s ClaimReview says “ClaimReview annotations should be used to convey that the page contains fact check information. This may be used to display enhanced captions on Bing that help convey this information to users.”

According to Bing, when you use this tag for your articles and content, it is important to know that the underlying page meets the following characteristics of fact-checking sites:

  • Contains claims and fact checks that are easily identifiable. Readers should be able to understand what information was checked and what conclusions were reached.
  • Citations and references should be present and transparent, including references to primary data sources.
  • The tag must be representative of the fact checking done within the article.

The person who first spotted was Aaron Bradley.  He thinks that “Bing will start to annotate search results with fact check information.”

So far, Bing hasn’t announced anything yet on the matter.  But I’d think they would soon.

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