bingThere is a place that allows local SEO consultants and agencies who manage business listings for clients to have access to a number of new, agency-friendly tools.  This place is called Bing Places for Business.

According to Bing’s announcement, the first thing a consultant wants to do is register as an agency at

After registration, agencies are going to have access to a new dashboard that shows them a summary of all current listings and links to add new client locations.  They will have access to 10,000 businesses at once.  That’s quite a nice number.  After registration, agencies will be able to see the total number of business listings that have been submitted, how many have been published, as well as how many are in review or are suspended.



Agencies will also be able to share access to individual listings with clients as well.

An additional option for agencies is the ability to register chain business locations.  Even though each location isn’t required to be verified individually, consultants are going to required to provide a signed authorization form their client

There is going to be a level of security build throughout the agency tools:


After you submit your clients’ business listing to Bing Places, your client must verify the listing, which helps us ensure that you are authorized to manage their information. During client verification, a verification PIN is sent by postcard to each of your clients. Either you or your client then must enter that PIN on Bing Places to complete verification.

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