A new Bing Ads report has been released, and it discusses the actions it took to keep malicious and misleading ads and advertisers off the search results in 2016.  Bing Ad’s system has reached 130 ads (while fewer than 250 million had been rejected in 2015) and banned 175,000 advertisers (over 150,000 had been banned the year before).

Phishing ads are ads that promote tech support scams and counterfeit goods, and these specific ads continued to be areas in which Bing battle with.  Over 7,000 sites had been blocked for potential phishing attacks.  A million ads had been block for hocking counterfeit items.  Bing Ads even banned third-party tech support advertisers altogether last year once they found out how difficult it was to weed out the good from the bad.  In 2016, Bing’s systems had blocked over 17 million tech support scam ads.

software download policy for ads had been added by Bing, who said it “ramped up systems that detect browser hijacking ads, phishing attempts, scareware ads, ads targeting the most common sites on the internet, and ads with multimedia content” in 2016.  Mainly, Bing relies on machine learning to find bad actors, but does perform “occasional” manual checks as well.

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