Bing Rolls Out New “Fact Answers” Search Feature With Information On Local Addresses & Reviews

Bing has recently updated their search results to deliver something they call  “Fact Answers” for local reviews and addresses.

The facts that appear at the top of the search page are meant to provide simple answers to searches for things such as restaurant phone numbers, hours for local businesses, or directions.  Bing’s “Fact Answers” will provide the user with direct information to search queries for local information and addresses.  This seems to be quite similar to the answer boxes found on Google’s search results.

Bing fact answers

Bing says that the new directions feature is only available in the U.S., UK and France.  Plus, these “Fact Answers” are only available with desktop searches.  If you’re asking for directions, more than likely, you’re already out and about, so this feature might be considered a little useless.  It’s assumed that the feature will eventually make it to the mobile scene at some point.

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