Bing Ads has rolled out three brand new features this week for Shopping Campaigns.

Search Term Report At Product Level

Advertisers will be able to see what search queries triggered product ads at the product ID level with Product Search Term.

With this report, you’ll be shown whether proucts are triggering for appropriate search terms.  It was pointed out by Bing Ads in the blog post, that this report can help guide product title optimization in ways you might not already be thinking about, such as seasonal triggers:

Example: If you’re selling personalized photo frames and you notice seasonal surges in search queries (for example, with Mother’s Day approaching, you could see a surge in queries like Mother’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day photo frames), it would be beneficial for you to experiment with adding the occasion in front of the product title and change it seasonally to match what customers are searching for.

Inventory Update Feeds

An online product inventory update feed with availability and/or price changes as a supplement to the main product feed can now be uploaded via FTP or manually.  This feed means that you won’t have to upload a new main feed every time products go on or off sale, run out or get restocked.

Feed Download Scheduling

Advertisers will now be able to designate the time of day daily, weekly or monthly to have Bing Ads download automatic feeds.

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