Bing-Ads2Back in July of this year, Bing launched their new Shopping campaigns, after which they extended product ads to the UK and Australia with a beta test of Shopping campaigns the following month.  Finally though, after about 8 months, Shopping Campaigns have been rolled out in the UK.

The Shopping campaigns in Bing are reflecting the same structure for product listing ads that Google had introduced back in 2013, and made available in early 2014, globally.

As of this writing, Bing Shopping campaigns are available in the US, the UK, Australia, and France.  These Shopping campaigns will soon be made available in Germany.  Users can either create their Shopping campaigns from scratch from within Bing Ads, or they can import their campaigns from AdWords.

Bing Ads UK



the US in July, Bing extended product ads to the UK and Australia with a beta test of Shopping Campaigns the following month. Now, Shopping Campaigns are fully rolled out in the UK.

Shopping campaigns in Bing reflect the campaign structure for product listing ads that Google introduced in 2013 and made available globally in early 2014




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