On August 27, Bing announced a new way to deliver information around “impactful stories that evolve over a period of weeks or months.”  This feature is called Bing spotlight, and it offers a broad view of select news topics by curating a rundown of how they have developed over time.  This even includes a round up of the latest headlines on a topic, a timeline of the evolution of a story, relevant social media posts from people close to the story and different perspectives of a story from around the world.

In the middle of the spotlight section, you’l see an image carousel with that contains the latest headlines and graphics for the news topic.  You’ll find a “rundown” of how the news has developed over time on the right of side of the carousel.  Below all that, you’ll see sections for multiple perspectives of this news topic that is pulled from “high-quality sources” and on the right are the relevant social media posts around the topic.

Below you’ll see how Bing spotlight is laid out:

According to Bing, the perspectives and stories are compiled uses a combination of both AI and experienced human editors. This is partially powered by Bing intelligent search that has continued to expand over time.

Bing wrote:

To start, Bing monitors millions of queries and news articles every day and identifies impactful stories that evolve over a period of weeks or months. We look at various user signals such as queries and browser logs, and document signals from publishers such as how many publishers cover a story, their angles, and how prominently they feature the story on their site.  For controversial topics, in the Perspectives module, we show different viewpoints from high-quality sources. For a source to be considered high quality, it must meet the Bing News PubHub Guidelines, which is a set of criteria that favors originality, readability, newsworthiness, and transparency. Top caliber news providers identify sources and authors, give attribution and demonstrate sound journalistic practices such as accurate labeling of opinion and commentary. Behind the scenes, we leverage our deep learning algorithms and web graphs of hundreds of millions of web sites in the Bing index to identify top sources for national news, per category, query, or article. Our goal is to provide broader context for impactful stories, from politics to business to major disasters, and much more.

Bing said that this is an “evolving feature and will be evaluating new options based on customer feedback.”

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