Bing Starts To Build Index of Native App Content Through App Indexing

Bing logo orange rgb Today, it was posted by Vincent Wehren, Bings Product Lead Webmaster and Publisher Experiences on the Bing Search blog that the search company is building up a “massive index of apps and app actions” that will allow content to surface within native iOS, Android and Windows 10 apps within the Bing search results.

Vincent had this to say in the blog:

We’ve already started analyzing the web specifically for App Links and actions markup to support the build up a massive index of apps and app actions, so the time start using app linking and schema.org actions and get an edge is now.

It’s being asked of webmasters that they use the framework that has been laid out at applinks.org to add the necessary markup and data so that Bing will be able to understand the content within your apps.  The good thing is that both iOS apps and Android apps are being supported by the protocol.  An app index is being created that will cover all these platforms.

This is where Bing currently has the leg up on Google, as Google only supports Androids app indexing, and not iOS or Windows apps.

For more details on this, see the Bing webmaster blog.

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