Bing Tests New Search Results Design & Top Navigation

Things are always changing.  Even when a site as simple as Google or Bing looks like on the outside, there are always changes being made to help make improvements to search results or basic user experience.  In this case, Bing is testing a number of new interfaces with their search results.  So what exactly are the changes that these tests are well, testing?

The tests interface include:

  • Moving the top navigation below the search box
  • Using yellow lines above or on the left side of the navigation menus

As of this writing, the current version of Bing design is using a black top bar where you will find the navigation options.  After that,  you’ll find the search box, and finally the search results.  With the new design, you’ll see the navigation bar moved down with different interface options being tested.

Check out the screen shots below:


Bing search ui now

And now, the new tests:

Bing tests a new interface similar to google

Bing works on a new interface

Microsoft is working on redesigning bing

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