Ever since the release of Bing’s release of their top searches of the year, they have released a quick overview of its top trends which highlights the search topics that had the largest spike in search volume this year.

Just like the Bing top search results, it looks like women have gotten pretty popular this year, including the US women’s national soccer team, Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams, as they have all been highlighted among Bing’s top 2015 search trends.

One of the individuals included in the list was Caitlyn Jenner, and according to Bing, the transgender identity trend has gotten to be a huge movement among searchers ever since she appeared on both “20/20” and the Vanity Fair interview.

“Searches appeared to indicate an acknowledgment of Jenner’s gender identity as people searched 3-to-1 for Caitlyn Jenner over Bruce Jenner,” says Bing.

With Serena Williams, she has also gained a lot of popularity on Bing.  Out of all of the professional tennis players out there, she has won 51 percent of the searches on Bing.


Because of world events, the EU refugee crisis has seen a spike in searches, as people want to know more about the situation, as well as search a way to help refugees.

“Recent search volume continues to reflect interest in the situation and the evolving public discourse as people considered other aspects of the crisis,” says Bing of its refugee search volume.

On the science front, the NASA driven New Horizons space mission that took place in July resulted in a nearly 160 percent increase n Bing searches for Pluto.  And for Mars, the discovery of water helped boost searches for Mars, as searches for the Red Planet increased 530 percent between the months of August and September.

The attacks on Paris helped boost searches for the city on Bing’s search engine for the terms “Paris attack” and “Paris support.”


Bing also put together a 2015 news quiz.  Go ahead and check it out!

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