The Bing Webmaster Guidelines have been recently updated. The new version of the guidelines are broken into several sections, which includes:

  • How Bing finds and indexes your site
  • Help Bing understand your pages
  • How Bing ranks your content
  • Abuse and examples of things to avoid

With this guidelines update, Bing included the various updates it has been made to search over the years, including updates to how Bing crawls, indexes, ranks web pages, in addition to how Bing handles search spam.

The updated information focuses around URL submission APIsupport of rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc”, how Bing indexes JavaScript, the evergreen BingBot, and much more is all discussed in this document.

“It was time to modernize and refresh the global Bing Webmaster Guidelines, providing insights on how Bing discovers, crawls, indexes and ranks content.” Fabrice Canel, Principal PM Bing Webmaster Tools. “When Fabrice and I speak at industry events, we receive a lot of in-depth questions around the specifics of Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines and how elements from discovery to ranking have changed since we’ve refreshed Bing’s Webmaster Tools. We decided to refresh the entire guidelines to make them easier to understand while including  the most recent updates on crawling, indexing, ranking and quality.”  Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism Search at Microsoft.

SourceBarry Schwartz