Bing Upgrades Their Look That Feels Familiar

Bing logo new Next week is going to be interesting for Bing, for that is when they will be unveiling a new look that will begin showing up in the web interface for all to see.  Of course, this is all according to design.

The Bing team has realized that many an online marketer uses not only their own Bing Ad service, but Google AdWords as well.  So to make the transition between the two ad services, Bing is going to make it look much more similar to Google AdWords for the basis of ease on the part of the marketer.  What else will the change bring to Bing Ads?  Well, we will be getting a Top Mover report, as well as an Opportunities Tab.  Both of these features are available in Google AdWords.

There are going to be other features that will make Bing Ads easier and more attractive to those who will be using it, such as bid landscape, destination URL auto-tagging, more keyword capacity, and online insertion orders.

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