This week is going to see Bing users witnessing even more Twitter content in their search results.  Because of Bing’s partnership with Twitter, more Twitter-related search features integrated into the search engine.

Now users will be able to search for hashtag related topics that are trending on the social media site.  Also, users will be able to search for specific Twitter handles and celebrity-related tweets.

So how do you utilize the new feature?  To find a trending topic on Twitter through Bing, enter a hashtag symbol at the beginning of your search term.


If you want to find a Twitter handle, enter the @ symbol before typing a name.  In your search results, you’ll find a list of matching top Twitter profiles, including relevant tweets related to that handle in the search results.


Celebrate searches done through Bing are going to include the top content from Twitter related to the celebrity.


According to Bing’s announcement, any inclusion of Twitter content in search results will be based on various signals, such as the quality of the tweet, the tweet’s retweent count, how new the tweet is, along with the user who posted it and whether they are verified or not.

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