Bing Webmaster Tools Allows Site Verification Via Google Search Console

A new beta feature from Bing has launched that lets site owners import their sites from Google Search Console to its own Webmaster Tools. After site owners log into Bing Webmaster Tools, they may be presented with an option reading, “Already verified on Google Search Console?Beta Skip verification by importing your site.”

The option to import your site via Google Search Console presented after login

Even though Bing’s share of the search market can’t touch Google, as of April 2019, it is still the world’s second-largest search engine (the latest data available at the time of publishing).

For larger brands that are sensitive to small fluctuations, having the tools necessary to address SEO issues as efficiently as possible could impact revenue directly. If they can import sites from Google Search Console to Bing, it would decrease the friction involved with monitoring for those potential issues on a second frontier.

SourceGeorge Nguyen