Bing-logo-orange-RGBOn Wednesday, November 16th, Bing announced a new “My Saves” feature that makes it possible for users who are signed into their Bing accounts to save video, image and shopping searches.  This means that they’ll be able to access them at a later time across their desktop and mobile devices.

According to this announcement, if you hover over a video or mage search result, a “Save” icon will be displayed at the bottom of the video or image frame.  Clicking on the “Save option will add the video or image to the “My Saves” folder located under the settings icon on Bing’s home page.

Bing shared this video, which explains how the feature works:

Bing’s Shopping search results can be saved as well:

For shopping searches, you’ll see a blue banner above images that reads, “See shopping results.” Clicking on this will filter your results to images of products you can purchase. You can save your favorite search results and access them from “My Saves” at a later time so you don’t feel pressured to make a purchase on the fly.

According to Bing, the new “My Saves” feature may not be released in all markets as of now.  The company didn’t specify which markets didn’t have access.

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