Bing-logo-orange-RGBOn February 29th, Bing has decided to gear up for the August 1 Super Tuesday state primaries with the launch of its new “Search Wave” feature, which is a search tool that showcases search volume for each  of this year’s presidential candidates.

Bing says that the new election feature, which is built on the Bing Elections that rolled out in December of last year, will provide a “window into public search interest for each candidate.”

With this new feature, you’ll have access to the overall at-a-glance candidate search numbers, as well as the ability to break down candidate search volume by state, age and gender.


So what does this feature look like?  Here’s a look!

Bing Candidate Search Wave 1

You can even drill down to see over all search volumes for each of the candidates as well:

Bing Candidate Search Wave 2

The “Search Wave” feature, which is powered by the Bing Predicts technology,  is part of the site’s broader election experience, including candidate pages, a political index and election timeline.

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